An easy guide to

Personal Shopping

Parcelwide personal shopping service allows you to purchase goods from the UK without the need for a UK bank account.

Shopping online from a UK store but it won’t accept your international credit card? Tell us what you want to purchase and we’ll make the payment for you.

Our personal shoppers remove the hassle of international payments and will organise for the shipment of your parcel to your front door.

Step 1

Sign up for your unique Parcelwide address

Each Parcelwide customer has a unique shipping address located in the UK. You can view yours by clicking View My Address after you log in.

Step 2

Tell us what you’d like to buy

Simply complete our online shopping list and provide us with as many details as possible (colour, size, number, local delivery option etc.)

Step 3

Pay us to shop for you

When we have received payment, our professional personal shoppers will buy your product, organising shipment to your Parcelwide address. We will keep you up to date with any changes or issues along the way.

Step 4

Choose your shipping option

When your parcel arrives, you can choose from a range of shipping options so we can forward it on to you.

Step 5

Receive your parcel

After we have received payment for shipping, we’ll send your parcel to your home – no matter where in the world you live!

Going on a shopping spree? We offer free parcel storage for up to 45 days so you can consolidate all of your purchases and save on shipping.