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UPS Standard (EU only)*
by road       2-3 working days*
DHL Select (EU only)
by road       2-3 working days*
UPS Express Saver
by air           1-5 working days*
DHL Express Worldwide
by air           1-4 working days*
* UPS Standard is only for single parcel.
* Actual delivery time may vary depending on destinations.

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Other Charges

Please note: VAT of 20% may apply for EU destinations.

Additional Services

You can tailor your parcel shipping order to suit your needs with our additional services.

Repackaging - Free
Consolidation of multiple parcels - Free
Inspection and photo service - £3 service fee
Storage - first 45 days free, then £0.50 per parcel per day

Personal Shopping fees

Yes you can afford a personal shopping service! A small service fee of 5% (minimum £5) will be added after you create a shipping order.

Want us to collect a parcel from a store located in the Manchester city centre (M1, M2, M3)? We can collect parcels in-store for a collection fee of £15. Please contact us for this service.

Liability Coverage

All deliveries come with standard liability coverage – up to £60 for UPS and up to £80 for DHL. You can choose to purchase additional coverage:

UPS declared value: 1% of declared value, minimum £4.25
DHL insurance: 1.5% of insurance coverage, minimum £12 (worth £800)

Duty and tax

Deliveries to some countries may incur duty and tax, though many countries have a threshold below which duty and tax are waived. Please check your own country's policies before you make orders.

As an importer, you are liable to pay any duty and tax incurred.